Holiday Organization Crunch Time

With Thanksgiving the latest it ever is this year, everyone is feeling the pressure of the big holidays approaching with less than four weeks to go!  Getting Organized is probably your greatest wish, but also on the bottom of your “to-do” list. I do, however, have a few quick Organizational Tips that may help you breathe a little easier and take your stress level down a notch.

Purge – This is the best time of year to purge your belongings as donation centers are anxious to give to families in need. Carve out a few hours and work with your children to purge any toys they may have outgrown or no longer play with.  If clothes are on your holiday list then a closet purge is a must. Anything not worn in the last year, gone.  Anything with tags you keep overlooking, gone.  Anything no longer fitting, gone.  Anything that does not make you feel like the super model you are, GONE!!! Make room for what is new so you can see what you have and actually wear it.

Holiday Survival Kit – Christmas, and any holiday morning, is a hectic time with gifts ripped open and chaotic excitement filling the air. Pack a small basket or bin with scissors, batteries for toys, baggies to collect small pieces and large trash bags to gather garbage. This will keep your space clear and Organized so you can see and enjoy gifts.

Hostess Gifts – By now you know what holiday parties you will be attending and more may pop up last minute. Be prepared!  Buy hostess gifts NOW (wine, candles, tea towels) and Organize in a basket with gift bags, note cards and ribbons.  Store this in your coat closet so as you head out the door, hopefully on time, you can grab your hostess gift and be on your way. If you ARE late, you have everything you need to wrap it in the car.

Holiday Travel – Update your travel size bin and ensure you have it filled with shampoos, lotions, medicines and all your family travel needs.  Store luggage tags and passports here as well. This will make packing a snap. The night before your trip make a big favorite family dinner and freeze half.  Upon return from a vacation things are definitely hectic: mail to read, friends to see, unpacking to do.  The last thing on your mind is dinner yet everyone starts mulling around the kitchen at 6:00pm hungry and wanting to eat.  When you get home, turn on your oven and in a few hours, wa-la! dinner everyone will love. (Leave a note on the counter to remind you to heat the oven right away).

Decoration Replenshment – As you decorate and wrap your gifts, make note of items you are running low on or wish you had.  Record this in your Holiday Planning Binder so next year, when the stores are filling up with holiday supplies in October, you are Organized and know exactly what you need.  No overspending and no duplicate purchases.

I hope these tips help you feel a tad more relaxed and Organized and better able to enjoy this holiday season with friends and family. Cheers!

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