How to Conquer and Organize “The MESSY Room”

Does a messy room scare and demotivate you?  You can’t let this messy room win. There is a process to follow to conquer this room once and for all and end up with an Organized functional space.

Step 1 is to decide the use/purpose for this space. If this is a bedroom, then sleeping, dressing and reading may be the functions determined.  So, exercise equipment, sewing machines and office supplies will have no place here.

Step 2 is to empty the space of all boxes, bins, tchotchkes (knick knacks), misc debris and trash. Use another area of the home as a temporary “holding area” for these items. The mess may look worse before it gets better, but be assured, getting Organized is a process and the end result is well worth it.

Step 3 is to look at your newly un-cluttered space and determine if furniture placement is optimal. Now is the time to rearrange pieces to meet your needs.  Assess if any additional furniture, rugs, etc make your wish list.  Before you order anything, shop within your home for things that may work well in this new space.

Step 4 is to look through the items you evicted from the space. This will take time.  Hours.  Sometimes days. With a clear room it is relaxing to bring in 1 bin/box at a time and see what you have and keep what you want.  What does not make the cut moves to another location or is put into a donation pile. You do not want to fill another space and create yet another Messy Room.

A mere 4 simple steps to achieve your ultimate Organizational Bliss!!  Great job!!!

For attacking a storage room such as a basement, attic or garage the process is a tad different.  It is more of a “clean out” so put on your goggles and flippers and dive right in.


One thought on “How to Conquer and Organize “The MESSY Room”

  1. Hi Donna. Glad my rooms are not quite as messy!! Love reading your posts. Hope you are all fine. Would love to see you again. Maybe the summer! Love to you all. Auntie Barbara

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