Organized Checklist

Life is so fulfilling when you accomplish your daily goals.  Completing tasks, big or small, and checking that box provides instant gratification. However, some tasks are more difficult and the end result may be out of our control. With so much stress waiting outside our front doors, striving to create and maintain an organized home environment can make challenges in life a tad easier to handle. As an Organizer, I believe completing small tasks in my home sets me up for a successful day. These are 5 simple things I Check Off My List every day!

Make my bed. Talk about instant gratification!  I truly enjoy that “hotel” feel at bedtime.  Who doesn’t sigh when they walk into a hotel room with a crisp neat bed and a chocolate mint resting softly on fluffed pillows?

Clear off my nightstand. If I bring water, a book, magazine, retainer case, lotion, and tissues with me to bed, I put it all back in the morning.  This eliminates piles and leaves me with a clean slate for the next night. And, if you are simply “shoving” and “reshoving” these items in your nightstand, might be time to schedule a clean out and organize this space as well.

Update my to-do list for tomorrow. I never end my day without knowing what is on deck for tomorrow. I update my to-dos, create lists and plan the day.  Of course things may come up and change my itinerary but being prepared makes any disruptions easier to manage.

Pick out clothes for the next day. Know your schedule and plan your outfit accordingly.  Look at the weather. Hang your outfit from a hook or valet bar. Get detailed and pick jewelry and shoes as well.  This is a HUGE timesaver in the morning. GUARANTEED!

5 minute tidy before I go to bed. Nothing causes stress more than when you wake up to a cluttered mess in your living area. Before bed, straighten your couch pillows, fold and put away blankets, gather toys into a basket, ensure kitchen is free of dirty dishes (which should have been cleaned right after dinner) and throw away trash. Enjoying your cup of coffee in a calm Organized environment sets the mood for your day.

Your Organizational checklist may be different than mine which is fine.  Bottom line, ensure your list is easily attainable and will provide value as you set out to achieve your goals for a successful day.

2 thoughts on “Organized Checklist

  1. Hi Donna. I just love your posts! I sure agree, a place for everything, etc.! Except I am getting slower getting it all done. Hope you & family are all fine. How is Courtney doing at College, I believe she is there & which college, I did forget Love to you all & hugs. Auntie Barbara

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    1. Hi Auntie Barbara! So good to hear from you and glad you are doing well.Everything with me is fine. Been working a lot organizing people’s lives! I do love it! Courtney is a Sophomore at University of Delaware. She is really loving it and doing well. The school is about a 2 hour drive so it is nice to be able to see her when I can. We are going out there Tuesday with mom and dad and then parents weekend a few weeks later. Keep organizing!!! Love, Donna

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