Less is More

I used to believe that no matter how much stuff anyone has, anything and everything can be Organized. Well after 18 years of organizing homes and offices I am now a non believer. It really is difficult to live a streamlined stress free organized life with stuff staring at you from every corner. No matter … More Less is More

Organized Checklist

Life is so fulfilling when you accomplish your daily goals.  Completing tasks, big or small, and checking that box provides instant gratification. However, some tasks are more difficult and the end result may be out of our control. With so much stress waiting outside our front doors, striving to create and maintain an organized home … More Organized Checklist

Dive in to Organization

Organization is certainly the buzz these days.  Everyone is wanting to jump on the bandwagon to Organizational Bliss.  Marie Kondo is motivating people to keep what they love and what “sparks joy”.  And for those items no longer needed, thank them and send them along their way. All this sounds fabulous, but people are stumped and … More Dive in to Organization

The Art of Organized Decluttering

As a Professional Organizer, de-cluttering is how I start every organization job.  De-cluttering is not throwing everything away and living a bare bland lifestyle.  I think of de-cluttering as a free shopping spree.  There are several steps to get you de-cluttered and feel liberated, organized and stress-free.  The key to successful de-cluttering is to start small … More The Art of Organized Decluttering