Less is More

I used to believe that no matter how much stuff anyone has, anything and everything can be Organized. Well after 18 years of organizing homes and offices I am now a non believer. It really is difficult to live a streamlined stress free organized life with stuff staring at you from every corner. No matter how neat, tidy and organized it is, stuff is still stuff and lots of it can wreak havoc on your mental state without you even aware of its weighted gravity. 

Donna’s Place For Everything’s motto for 2021 is Less is More. My goal with clients is to ensure what they have is needed, used and/or loved. Anything outside of these categories hits the curb. If I had a dime for every bin of unused cords, stack of old broken electronics and closets filled with half used lotions/beauty products I would be a millionaire! Probably over and over again.

If everything powered is working in your home, why keep the mountain of unidentified cords? Identify, label and store new cords the instant you get them. And if you think “someone” will want them or know they are missing, I promise you they won’t. The broken/cracked cell phones, iPads, Laptops and iPods? Make an appointment to get them erased/repaired or in the recycle bin they go. The old half empty beauty products? Well anything you call “old” should not be applied or ingested. Keeping a single backup of shampoo, lotion or make-up is an acceptable inventory. 

Some might find this method extreme. But once you live within an environment of what you need, use and love you can clearly see how much excessive unnecessary stuff has been weighing you down. 

If 2021 is about shedding pounds this is the easiest way to see results. Start drawer by drawer, closet by closet and room by room. Make sure you check the box need, use or love for every item. If the box is not checked, donate or trash. I am not even going to tell you to relocate. This just moves the non-needed, non-used, non-loved items to another area you will clutter. Set it Free!!

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