Back-To-School Organization

It’s happening now!  You have put it off all Summer!  Back-To-School is upon us and being super Organized is key to a seamless transition for everyone!! Here are some quick and easy organizational tips to pave the way for a successful stress free school year.

  1.  Create a binder for each child with tabs: School (menu, class list, contracts, calendar), Activities (volunteer, clubs), Sports (immunization records, team roster, calendar, car pool list), Religion Class (class list, calendar), Job (direct deposit, tax forms, important work numbers). Each binder should be kept updated and in view for all family members to reference.
  2. Homework Caddy: For Elementary/Middle schoolers buy extra school supplies and store in an organized bin for homework/projects ie: markers, glue, crayons, scissors, ruler, paint. Keep this separate from everyday craft items and replenish as needed.
  3. Create a designated area for backpacks and lunch boxes.  Hang a bulletin board so you can tack invitations, permission slips and other important papers requiring a parents signature.
  4. In your mail area create an in-box for your kids to leave important papers that require you to review. Once you review and sign, return to the bulletin board.  Your kids are involved in the process and learn a sense of responsibility for important items.
  5. Purge and replenish kids socks.  Toss single, mis-matched and dingy socks.  Purchase fresh pairs and sort by color/function.  Use either drawer dividers or clear shoe boxes in drawers without lids and sort accordingly (white, color, sport, dress).

Now that you are SUPER Organized for the school year you can focus on decorating for Halloween, putting that Thanksgiving turkey in the oven and put up that Christmas tree.  Wink! Wink!



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