Garage Organization

Ahh, the sweet smell of Summer!  Open your windows and garage door and let the fresh air circulate…YIKES! Have you looked in your garage lately? Can you see the floor? Can you fit your car in its bay? Here are a few tips to help tidy up the garage and make you proud to leave that garage door open for all to see.

  1. Free up valuable space and send snow blower, snow shovels, sleds, skis and anything else “winter” related to the basement or under the deck.  Apply the same rule at the end of the summer. Swap out summer equipment (i.e. lawn mower and weed whacker) for winter gear.
  2. Think “up and off the floor” to gain space in the garage.  Hardware stores offer several solutions such as large plastic coated utility hooks to hang wheel barrel, stroller, bikes, wagon, etc.  Hang items used less frequently higher than those used daily.  Group like items together (i.e. gardeing tools, toys, sports).
  3. Do shoes pile up and clutter the doorway to the house?  Install large shoe racks on one or both sides of the door to the house.  Place large durable rugs outside the door for a clean surface to put on and take off shoes (this will require periodic vacuuming). Store seasonal shoes in the basement or attic in clear, labeled plastic bins.
  4. Hang a large accordion peg shelf near the door to hold umbrellas, baseball hats and bags.
  5. Do you have shelves installed or free-standing storage units in your garage?  If so, you are one step ahead.  Do you have them stockpiled with just about everything?  Assign like items to each shelf i.e. gardening supplies, sports equipment, paint supplies, camping, auto care, etc.  To keep shelves from looking cluttered, place items in clear bins and label accordingly.
  6. Do you have lots of outside toys?  Designate a section of the garage for toys and arrange everything so children can reach toys safely and easily return them when done.
  • A large garbage can or laundry hamper works great for balls, racquets, gloves and bats.
  • Sidewalk chalk and bubbles should be stored in separate bins.  Sticky chalk is a mess!
  •  A large wooden plastic deck box works great for small trucks, dolls and jump ropes.  As an added bonus, some models have safety hinges so small fingers cannot get smashed.

This should get you started as I am sure there is more to do! Enjoy your newly spacious garage!  Next month let’s tackle pantry troubles.

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