Secrets of an Organized Organizer

Years ago a friend gave me a cup holder that says, “Organized people are just too lazy to look for things.”  I love this cup holder,  and I use it every day as I reach for a pen.  I am not too lazy to look for a pen.  I always find my pen the first time  because it is in its place.  Everything should have a place, and when items are in their place you can find them when you want.  This doesn’t make me lazy, it makes me functionally smart. There are a lot of simple things in my house that make my life easier. Here are some of my “lazy habits” that might be useful in your life too.

  1. In my house there is no such thing as a “junk” drawer. If anything is called “junk” it hits the trash.
  2. Every house should have an electrical device drawer or cabinet.  Any random cell case, charger, adapter or cleaner I find lying around ends up in this place.  I rarely hear, “MOM, WHERE IS MY ELECTRICAL THINGY?” And if I do, I respond, “Have you checked the designated holding place for all things electrical?” (Big smile on my face)
  3. I have a file folder on my desk labeled “HOLDING”. This folder holds all hard copy invitations, directions, details of upcoming events or pending future credits.  After I have recorded pertinent information in my calendar, I store any hard copy details I need in this HOLDING file.  As the date pops up on my calendar, I am reminded to check this file for additional information.  This alleviates shuffling around the same piece of paper on a daily basis, looking at a collage of papers on a bulletin board and keeping tons of paper from cluttering my desk. Out of sight and out of mind, yet not forgotten.
  4. I have a labeled binder for each child tabbed “school”, “activity”, “religion”, “work”.  If needed, dates are recorded on my calendar and the hard copy is filed.  All menus, calendars, sport schedules, phone lists etc are stored in this binder.  Binders are in a common area and everyone can reference as needed.  You can get as detailed as you need with your tabs based on your family’s needs.  This is truly a lifesaver when managing multiple lives!!!!
  5. My Gift Card Organizer has been a money saver for me over the years.  It also has kept me from scrambling last-minute to find a birthday card for a friend or a thank you note for someone who deserves a little recognition.  I bought my already filled Organizer at Costco.  You can make your own by filling a photo box with cards from the dollar store and labeling each partition by event type.
  6. Every October I dust off my red Holiday Planning Binder.  This binder gets me through the holiday season stress free when it comes to gift buying, party planning, card mailing and home decorating.  I will disclose the secrets of this organizing wonder later this year.
  7. I have never lost my car keys in my house.  They are never thrown on the counter or drowning at the bottom of my purse (not that my purse has clutter to drown in).  My keys, as well as all family members keys, can always be found hanging on hooks adjacent to my garage door. Genius!
  8. NO MORE POST IT NOTES!! I have one small spiral notebook for all shopping lists, “to do” lists, and random action items.  This lives in my purse and comes with me everywhere.  I do hope to one day get electronically savvy and have all this info in my phone, but for now it lives where it lives and keeps random papers from cluttering my space.
  9. Take the time to organize your kitchen for simple functionality.  Mugs/creamers/teas/filters are in a cabinet above the coffee pot creating a “coffee station”. Glasses and plates are near the dishwasher for easy loading/unloading. Baking items such as mixing bowls, cookie sheets and muffin pans are grouped together.  Pots and pans are near the stove. Entertainment pieces are corralled in one location. Holiday serving items are stored with holiday decorations. Plastic cups/bowls/plates are together for easy access for patio usage.
  10. I have a leather photo holder I bought at Target years ago in my purse to hold all store coupons and gift cards. It is prettier than a plastic baggy and is super thin so it takes up minimal space. You never hear me at a checkout saying, “I know I have a coupon, but I think I left it at home.”

Well, that is it for some of my compulsive organizational life savers.  These things seem simple.  And they are.  Quick simple  systems that help keep me an Organized Organizer.

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