Organized Summer Party Planning

Summer is a time to relax in the sun, play in the sand and host lots of parties!  Most Summer parties are last-minute due to the unexpected “dropping by” of family and friends.  Do not get caught off guard!  Here are a few simple ideas to ensure you pull off a fabulous impromptu celebration.

  1. Since most of us do not have a refrigerator on the patio, purchase a large tin tub or cooler which can quickly  be filled with ice and beverages.
  2. Write on a piece of paper or (better yet) a small chalkboard the drinks you have available and place at your beverage center.  This keeps guests from guessing what they will find in the depths of your tub of freezing ice.
  3. Keep a silverware caddy filled with plastic silverware, napkins and paper plates.  Always replenish after use so it is ready to grab and go.
  4. Keep sunscreen and bug spray together in a bucket easily transportable from utility room or garage to patio.  Nothing breaks up a party quicker than bug attacks and sunburn!
  5. Kids love anything involving water.  Keep a stash of water balloons, water pistols and a crazy sprinkler on hand for inexpensive guaranteed kid pleasers.
  6. Keep a few staples in the pantry and freezer which can quickly become snacks or meals.  Tortilla chips, salsa, nuts, olives, pickles, hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls/buns, condiments, juice boxes and water bottles.
  7. Stock extra wine, beer, liquor and mixers.  With a little ice, a fancy cocktail is a breeze and Summer must!
  8. To help alleviate crowding, zone your party areas:  beverage center, appetizer area and main meal.  This keeps your guests moving around and spread out.

Have a great summer and enjoy those parties!!!!!  More end of Summer ideas next month!!

2 thoughts on “Organized Summer Party Planning

  1. Love reading your articles….very informative and easy ideas to get organized in your home and now that summer has finally arrived…great ideas for entertaining outside!!!!

  2. Love your ideas!!! Seem so simple and yet I don’t think of them. Love it!! Keep em coming 😊

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