Organizing Tips for an Easy Summer

summer relaxationSummer is the season for the beach, pool, tennis, golf, cocktails, BBQs and utter relaxation. With Spring cleaning behind, you should be organized and ready to enjoy a stress-free Summer.

Wait!  You did not complete your Spring cleaning?  Don’t fret.   Here are a few tips to quickly get organized for Summer, and we can worry about Spring next year.

1.  Create an Activity Box to corral brochures/coupons for the zoo, amusement park, carnival, movies, plays, local events.  Pull this out during Sunday dinner, and, as a family, flip through the box and plan your week of Summer fun.

2.  Flip-flops are your best friend and your worst enemy.  They are great to flip on but they are not great when they are flipped off all over the house.  Place a bin or laundry basket in the garage to house all flip-flops grouped boy vs girl.  Solo flops get tossed.

3.  Summer is the perfect time for impromptu social gatherings.  Keep a supply of ketchup, mustard, relish and pickles in your pantry contained in a basket. Another bin should hold plastic flatware and napkins.  Just add some hamburgers and hotdogs and wa-la!!!  Party in a pantry!!

4.  Nothing spoils a Summer day like sunburn or bug bites.  Keep a bucket of sunscreen and bug spray by the back door or in the garage.  Make sure it is replenished and full. These items should be staples on  shopping lists each week.

5.  Install hooks in your garage, mudroom or foyer to hang pool/beach totes and towels.  A basket with sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles and headphones should be housed nearby to replenish as needed.

6.  If you are planning to vacation this Summer, create a Vacation File.  All brochures, pricing, hotel & airline information should be stored here.  As the vacation nears, pare down the file with only what you need for your trip.  A comprehensive packing list is also a nice addition to make packing prep a snap.

7.  School is over!!  Grab your child and go through his/her backpack and toss anything you are not saving for the Fall.  Store the bag if you will use next year or add to the donation pile.  All supplies saved should be stored in your “school supplies” bin/area you created last year.

I have many more Summer time-saving tips, but start small with these and get outside and enjoy that sunshine!! As always, Happy Organizing!!

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