Grocery Organization 101

Believe it or not, there is actually a way to put away your groceries.  It involves more than emptying a bag and tossing items in a pantry and fridge.
Grocery Cartoon


1.  Make a list – Always always always shop to a list.  Look in your pantry, fridge and freezer and write down what you need. Toss expired items and donate to a food pantry what you will not use. Hang a chalkboard or dry erase board inside a pantry door to make starting a list easy.

2.  Purge and Clean – Each week, purge expired items. Before each shopping trip,  clean out your fridge and wipe down your cabinets. Would you serve cooked food on dirty plates? Of course not. So why put fresh food in a soiled spot?

3.  Rotate product.  If multiples, ensure the most current expiration date is in the front.  Opened items should always be the first to grab.

4.  Take items out of boxes/wrappings before you put away.  i.e. pudding, yogurt, granola bars.  Purchase square plastic containers to hold staples i.e. crackers, pasta, rice, cereal, dry beans.  This is not only space-saving, but time-saving as well.

5.  Group items by type:  pasta, rice, sauces.  Baking. Breakfast. Snacks. Canned Goods.  In the fridge, separate lunch meat and fruits/veggies.  Keep beverages grouped together.

6.  Label! Label! Label! This serves as a mapping technique so everyone can easily put items away and maintain order and functionality. Label containers and shelves.

Food is always more appealing when it is displayed neatly.  Now that your food is organized and easily accessible, why not crack open your recipe organizer and get cooking!!!

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