Top 10 Tips To Get Organized For The Holidays

With the holiday season upon you, is your stress approaching a nervous breakdown level? Will one more “Holly Jolly” put you over the edge? Since you can’t postpone the inevitable (December 25), focus on 10 simple tips to alleviate some pressure and enjoy the days to come.

  1. With only a few weeks until Christmas, set realistic goals for card mailing, gift shopping/wrapping and holiday decorating. Solicit help now and schedule deadlines on the calendar.
  2. Lists are a way to rest your mind from remembering everything from gifts bought, gifts to buy, holiday menus, holiday outfits, items to pack for vacation, etc. Purchase a purse-sized spiral notebook or journal to keep lists on hand and in one location. NO POST IT NOTES PLEASE!
  3. Do not use your personal address book to write/record holiday cards. Maintain a separate book or on-line list to track card distributions and cards received each year.
  4. Label a file folder or large envelope “Christmas Receipts”. All receipts pertaining to the holiday should be saved in this one location. Write the gift recipients name on the top of receipts to make gift returns a snap. This system also provides a detailed holiday spending log.
  5. As you decorate your home, any items you choose not to display should be donated immediately. If it’s not your favorite this year, chances are, it won’t be next year either.
  6. Designate a single space in your home to store gifts. Items are sure to be forgotten if hidden in various locations.
  7. Take inventory of your holiday wrapping supplies and purchase accordingly. Create a gift wrapping center in the basement, laundry room or spare bedroom. If time allows, a purchased gift should be wrapped, tagged and stored or stationed to be mailed ASAP.
  8. Create a “travel” folder to hold all information pertaining to holiday travel. (i.e. flight information, accommodations, packing lists, brochures, etc.)
  9. Donate toys infrequently used to make room for the numerous toys Santa will bring. Lots of small toy/game pieces are easily lost on Christmas morning. Have several small to medium storage bins on hand to store loose pieces right away. After the holidays, label accordingly.
  10. Purchase holiday thank-you cards and take 5 minutes to write notes as soon as a gift is received or the day after that great holiday party. No excuses here!

Happy Organized Holidays to you and your family!!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips To Get Organized For The Holidays

  1. Hi Donna: I just love reading all the tips. Believe it or not, many of them I use!!. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Hope you are all doing fine in your lovely new home. So glad I was able to see all when I was down there. Hugh, Sheila’s boy is applying to Richmond. Hope he gets in, although I know it is hard. Hope Courney is doing great too. Love and hugs, Aunt Barbara

    1. Hey Auntie Barbara! All is well, and I am so happy to see you reading my blog and even more happy to see you are a user of the tips!! Best of luck to Hugh!! Would love another “Spider” in the family. Mom said you are doing great and recently saw you and Auntie Carol. Enjoy your “organized” holiday season!! XOXO, Donna

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