5 Tips to Get Organized in the New Year


happy new year



With the new year comes resolutions of weight loss, exercise and organization. As a Professional Organizer, I believe if you are organized,  other resolutions will fall neatly into place. The thought of organizing your entire home, or even an office, can seem overwhelming.  The key to organizational success is chipping away at small projects to reap the benefits of instant organizational satisfaction.  Here are 5 areas to focus on which will help streamline other projects in need of organizing.

  1.  Organize Your Pantry – Pull out ALL pantry items.  Toss expired product and donate items you will never use.  Purchase clear square containers to store everyday staples like pasta, snack bars, rice and cereal.  These containers maximize space and maintain order.  Organize items in groups i.e. baking, breakfast, snacks, canned goods.  Re-stock pantry by categories created.
  2. Organize Kitchen Countertops – Kitchen counters are zoned for food prep, not office work.  Use bins, baskets or hanging files to quickly sort mail and organize important papers. Kitchen counter space is competitive real estate.  Rid counters of large infrequently used appliances.  Store oils and spices in cabinets.  With the right organizational storage items, cabinets can be simplified to ease meal preparation.
  3. Organize Receipts – Clean out your Receipt Organizer.  You do have a receipt organizer, right?  Keep electronic receipts and high-end clothing/accessory receipts. Create a tab for “current receipts” which are for questionable items you may return within the retailers dated return policy.  If everyone loves their holiday gifts, toss those receipts.
  4. Organize Mail – Sort mail immediately.  Toss catalogues and advertisements you don’t need.  File tax mail in a folder “2016 taxes” to ensure nothing is misplaced. Eliminate existing mail pile by shredding paid bills, tossing expired coupons and anything and everything dated 2015.
  5. Organize Business Cards and Address Books – The New Year tends to bring new aspirational home projects.  Toss business cards of contacts you will never use and make room for new acquaintances. Update address books and on-line lists.  To simplify holiday card mailings, record dates next to addresses of cards you receive each year.  Also, record birthdays with your address list to ensure important days are not forgotten.

Getting started on your Organizational journey can be overwhelming.  If you are not sure where to begin, contact a Professional Organizer to get you on the right track.  Being organized this year will help pave the way for peace, serenity and success in 2016.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get Organized in the New Year

  1. Hi Donna: Love hearing from you. Great tips. Hope you all had a nice Christmas. I loved the picture Xmas CardMom and Dad sent. Nice of all o f you. Loved your card too. Hope the girls are doing fine in school and you are enjoying your new home. It is lovely. It was so nice to see where you and Brenda live. I took all 24 of us out for luncheon on Sunday before Christmas. It was a good time, and the meals were delicious. They all came back here for the gifts, more food and drinks. A fun day. Then I went to Brian’s for Xmas Eve, and stayed over, so saw Quinn so excited on Xmas Day opening presents from Santa,etc.He is 10, the girls are in eighth, and tenth grades. They are 5 9″ and 5 10″ .All into tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. I must call your Mom today, before she heads to Florida. Love, Aunt Barbara

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