4 Spaces to Organize this Fall

Summer is over and the kids are back to school.  You are now officially out of excuses to NOT get Organized!!!

homework-stationAs a Professional Organizer, I feel Fall is the best time of year to open those windows and throw everything out of them!  Realistically, you won’t throw everything out, but you can streamline key areas and ensure the utmost organization and functionality for the busy months ahead.  Here are 4 spaces to organize this Fall:

  1.  Homework Area:  Homework is stressful.  Help alleviate that pressure for yourself and your kids by creating an organized space to focus and complete tasks. Create a “homework area” in a location that works for your family in your home.  It can be the dining room/kitchen table, the office or even a card table. Whatever the space, ensure it is clean, clear and organized.  Labeled file bins hung on the wall are a perfect space saver for incoming/outgoing work.  Make sure there is an organized full supply of paper, markers, scissors, tape and everything needed to complete a project. The key to the success of the Homework Area is cleaning it up every time after use so it is ready for the next occupant.
  2. Mudroom:  Pack away all Summer items and use bins for current seasonal needs like hats/gloves, sports equipment etc.  Hang hooks for backpacks and sport bags.  Ensure each family member has a clearly labeled space for his/her items.  No room for sharing here!  Real Estate is of the utmost importance!
  3. Guest Room:  Now is the time to clear out this room you have been tossing random items into all Summer.  Like it or not,  the holidays are approaching, and so will guests from near and far.  When on “vacation” your guests deserve a restful organized space to relax. Everything you threw in here, came from somewhere.  Send it back! Also, ensure the closet is neatly organized with bins and a few empty hangers.
  4. Pantry:  Do a quick run through of your pantry and ensure all items are current. If your door permits, hang an “over the door” organizer with baskets to hold extra condiments, sauces and packets that tend to get lost in the back.  Create a “school snack area” for your kids so they can easily find elfa_white_pantrywhat they need when packing their lunches.  For utmost pantry organization, group your foods into categories i.e. baking, breakfast, pasta/rice, etc.  This makes cooking a snap  and when you can see what you have you do not overbuy . Hang a wipe board in or near your pantry so everyone can record empty items make a realistic shopping list.

Tackling these areas now is a great way to kick off the season organized. You will have a gratifying sense of accomplishment and this exercise will get you warmed up for organizing those BIGGER areas in need of attention.

3 thoughts on “4 Spaces to Organize this Fall

  1. HI Donna: Enjoy reading all your great tips! Hope all is well with you. The girls are back at school. Are you still working at retail? The store name I forgot. What grade is Courtney in? I bet Brenda and Bob can’t believe they are empty nesters! I keep busy, going to all the games, Allison and Jillian are on Varsity Volleyball at their school. (Brian’s daughters, are 5 eight tall and 5 nine! Allison is the tennis player, she is a Junior, Caroline, Sheila’s daughter. is in 8th Gr. plays soccer. Hannah is in Conn. College and is Field Hocky freshman. So gets me to try and catch games. Emily is in last year of nursing at Sacred Heart College in Fairfield, CT. Brings you up to date for a few of them. Keep in touch, Love, Auntie Barbara

    1. wow! you sound super busy with such fun stuff! i have not been at Ann Taylor for over a year now. My organizing business has taken off and is now a full time job for me. Very fun! Courtney is driving and she and Claudia are Juniors in high school. We are starting to look at colleges which I can’t believe!! Stay well! Love, Donna

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