Less Mess = Less Stress

Let the sorting process begin!  Now that you have purged your space, it is time for the next step in the Organizational Process.  Sort items into like piles. Detail is very important here.  You need to really see what you have.  For example, group holiday decor, paper clips, books, magazines, shoes, scarves etc. As tedious as it might seem, GROUP AWAY!!

Through this organizational stage you will probably find you can purge a little more.  Off to the garbage or donation it goes.  Remember, less mess equals less stress.  You want to think about how you plan to use your space and remove items that do not belong. Focus on one space at a time. If you are organizing your office, you don’t want shoes, holiday decor or scarves in there.  Relocate those items for the interim to a room you think they may live. You will get to that space later.

Now the planning begins.  Do not run out and buy bins and other organizational gadgets until you map out your plan of how to best organize your space to maximize functionality.  Do you need shelves, cabinets, bins, drawer dividers?  I find mapping your organizational plan on paper will deliver the utmost success.  Soliciting help from a Professional Organizer is your best bet to dig into the numerous variations of organizational solutions for your space and find the one best for you.

A Professional Organizer can also help guide you to the right venues to purchase solutions.  There are a multitude of options out there and that alone can be overwhelming and derail your organizational success.

Happy sorting!!  More to come soon…


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