The Art of Organized Decluttering

As a Professional Organizer, de-cluttering is how I start every organization job.  De-cluttering is not throwing everything away and living a bare blhow-to-declutterand lifestyle.  I think of de-cluttering as a free shopping spree.  There are several steps to get you de-cluttered and feel liberated, organized and stress-free.  The key to successful de-cluttering is to start small with a single drawer, a bookshelf, a counter, a cabinet or a closet. Follow these easy steps and I promise you organized de-cluttered success.

1. Clear your space of everything removable. Place items on the floor or a table and spread them out.  Do not toss into piles.  More clutter!!!

2.  Stand back an assess your empty space and determine what function it should serve.

3.  NOW THE FUN BEGINS!  Shop your items as if you are in a store.  Pick up what you love and strategically place back into your space. For drawers, limit to less than 3 functions.  For a bookshelf, odd-numbered groupings.  For a counter, less is more. Only items of high function here.  For a cabinet, ensure you can see all contents and nothing is crammed or stacked too high.  For a clothing closet, only put back what you will wear.  Again, you are shopping and only buying what you want, need and love.

4.  For everything left in “the store”, you have 4 options:  #1 Relocate to another area in your home. #2 Donate to a charity. #3 Pack away items and every few months re-shop and swap them out to keep your spaces fresh and new. #4 Trash is trash and needs to hit the curb.

Now that all items have a home, you may need organizational supplies to ensure maximum functionality. Decorative bins and baskets will contain groups of items. Shelf and drawers dividers are imperative to organized success in these zones.  Consistent hangers keep your clothing unified and create an organized “boutique” feel.

How great it feels to have brand new organized un-cluttered spaces all for free!!!!


2 thoughts on “The Art of Organized Decluttering

  1. Hi Donna. Loved your beautiful xmas card. Girls are grown and so tall. Love these ideas. Intend todo. Great mom is doing so well. They will have nice time in Florida if ever up to Boston please do call Love auntie Barbara

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    1. Hi Auntie Barbara. loved your xmas card as well. can’t believe all those grandkids and how big everyone is getting!!! Makes me feel old!!! lol. Happy you follow my blog and find my ideas useful. how easy life is when organized. hope to see you soon!! love, donna

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