For the Love Of Organization

As a Professional Organizer I often hear, “Your house must be so organized.”
And I must say, “IT IS!!” I admit I have a love (some say a sickness) for organization.  Everything in my home has a place.  And if there is not a place or use for an item, it goes.

I love to decorate.  I love clothes.  I love to shop.  How does my house stay organized if I keep bringing in new things?  Easy.  1 in/1 out is organization rule #1.  “OUT” does not necessarily mean donated or thrown away. It may mean relocating to another area or put in storage to swap out at a later time.  This is where people get overwhelmed and houses and spaces quickly become cluttered.  Hiring a Professional Organizer is a huge help.  Someone with a non-emotional un-biased opinion can help streamline your spaces and steer you on the path to calm organized bliss.

To get organized, you have to be prepared to change your habits and let things go. If a space is cluttered and full, I tell my clients, “I can’t make the space larger but I can make it more functional”.  I treat an organizing session like a free shopping trip.  Assess every item. If you would buy it right away it stays.  If you are unsure, the item leaves the space to perhaps be relocated. If you make a face and say you hate it, then out it goes!

Some of the biggest problem items are: unknown electrical cords, duplicate kitchen gadgets, and office supplies. For electrical cords, if you really cannot determine its’ usage, toss it.  If you are unsure, store in a bin out of sight. If you are not looking for it in the next few weeks, toss it.  For kitchen gadgets 1 of each size per item is sufficient.  Why keep 5 spatulas that function the same or 4 sets of measuring cups? Donate to someone who could use them.  For office supplies, keep in mind you are not Staples.  Notepads are cute, but 20 notepads are unnecessary.  Keep what you actually need and use in your space on a daily basis and store the rest in a bin (anything more that a bin should be donated) and shop that bin first when supplies get light.

Being Organized truly adds calm to your life.  Don’t let clutter and disorganization stress you.  That is what kids and spouses are for. 🙂

One thought on “For the Love Of Organization

  1. Hi Donna: I love your tips on a place for Everything. Hope you are all fine. I love receiving your Christmas Card. I keep it on my kitchen shelf.. Courtney is so tall and attractive. John is handsome as so are his children. I love Brenda’s picture of family also. So beautiful! If you ev er get up to Boston or Rhode Island, let me and Carol know, and we could take a ride down to have a wonderful quick Hello to you all. I have fond memories of your beautiful wedding. Love, Auntie Barbara

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