How do you squeeze your toothpaste?

As a Professional Organizer, I have found that how my clients squeeze their toothpaste says a lot about how they organize their homes and lives.

My findings, from my personal experiences, are as follows:

The 4 most common toothpaste dispense techniques:

  1.  Flatten from bottom
  2. Roll up from bottom
  3. Roll up from bottom and secure with clip
  4. Squeeze in the middle

Clients 1,2 and 3 tend to be the most organized.  Being organized allows them more time to relax, are on time for appointments and have systems in place to ensure nothing is lost.  They are also “list users” and buy only what they need to save money and eliminate clutter.

The “squeeze in the middle” folks are the clients I find most in need of organizational solutions.  This person is tense due to stress,  always rushing, usually late and can never find what they need when they need it.  They shop and grab which causes inefficient spending and excessive home clutter.

For those who flatten and roll up from the bottom, I have found the need for some minor organizational fine tuning when I see the toothpaste oozing out from under the cap.  A quick solution if you want to hide your organizational skills from your Professional Organizer…use a stand up tube.



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