Dive in to Organization

Organization is certainly the buzz these days.  Everyone is wanting to jump on the bandwagon to Organizational Bliss.  Marie Kondo is motivating people to keep what they love and what “sparks joy”.  And for those items no longer needed, thank them and send them along their way.

All this sounds fabulous, but people are stumped and overwhelmed with where to begin. I say, stand on the edge and dive right in. Getting organized is not something you should fear.  It is something you need to embrace to ensure organizational success. diving in

Rather than getting overloaded with all the steps to organizational harmony, let’s start small and simple.  Focus this month on the Purge.  Open drawers, closets and rooms and really look at what you have.  Below are 5 questions to ask yourself when contemplating getting rid of anything:

  1. Would I buy this item for full price today?
  2. Would it impact my daily life not to have this item?
  3. Is this item really worth the space it’s taking up in my home?
  4. Do I own a similar item that I like better?
  5. Could this item be useful/helpful to another person?

Trash, Donate or Relocate!!!!!  It is always easier to purge your possessions with a buddy. Call on a Professional Organizer who does not have any emotional ties to your items and can help move the process along so you are ready for step two of your organizational journey!!!

To Be Continued…

2 thoughts on “Dive in to Organization

  1. Hi Donna. I sure need to purge my clothes etc. I really need to ask those questions. Liked your suggestions. Hope girls are doing well at school. Natale doing fine in San Fran! Great to be young! Love and hugs. Auntie Barbara Sent from my iPhone


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